EMF Solutions: Quantum Infusion

If you are not familiar with how EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) can affect your health, this is really important information and you are going to want to listen to this interview below very closely for EMF solutions.

We have become a society, especially as Americans, that uses technology to the max. Almost everyone has a cell phone or computer, wifi is very common in many homes and businesses, smart meters have replaced the old analog meters, new cell phone towers are being built daily, smart televisions are in many homes, microwaves are used everywhere and the list can go on and on. We live in an age of technology and convenience, but at what cost? There is more and more information coming out about what all this technology is doing to our health.

In 2012, a 650-page report by the BioInitiative Group titled, A Rationale for Biological-based Exposore Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation compiled over 2,000 scientific studies that outline the effects of EMFs from all sources on human health. They found that low-level radiation (as emitted by your cell phone) can contribute to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and autoimmunity. Just because we don’t see EMF’s doesn’t mean we are not affected by them. Some of the symptoms of EMF exposure include fatigue, difficulty concentrating, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, digestive issues, burning sensation, insomnia, depression, and muscle aches. These are just some of the symptoms you can feel but what about what you can’t feel?

Does this mean we should go totally off grid? Of course not! We just need to be smarter about our usage and find solutions to the problem.

I spoke with Lance Leonard this week about the problems with EMFs but most importantly about some of the solutions. Lance has been studying consciousness research and health for decades. He and his wife, Lyndia co-own a company called, New Phoenix Rising. They have developed and designed a product, the Intrinity Plus, that uses quantum infusion to actually change the frequency of EMFs so that they are not as harmful to human health. Now, I understand this may sound like science fiction but it is not, it’s based in science, a science that many are not familiar with, called quantum infusion.

Lance Leonard, CEO
New Phoenix Rising

In this interview, Lance explains what quantum infusion is, how his company designed and tested their product with a team of quantum physicists and what the Intrinity Plus can do for you. We definitely think it’s a great solution.

“After wearing the Intrinity Plus for several weeks, I am noticeably sleeping better, feel less fatigued and I have no doubts that it is because of wearing this device. It really works and there is science to prove it!” – Carol Grieve’

Intrinity Plus

To find out about how you can protect yourself from EMFs, click on the link below to listen. This is fascinating information!

Intrinity Plus for EMF Protection
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  1. Hello, i just wanted to let you know that i am HYPERSENSITIVE to emf’s, (learned that the hard way!) since they had put the smart meters in my neighborhood, that is when i HAD to learn about emf’s and how they affect you! I started having a lot of problems and so i had needed to get something that could help me ASAP! Then they started putting Cell Towers all over the place and when i would be driving around i would get VERY ANXIOUS and just feel HORRIBLE and didn’t know why! Then i noticed that it would happen when i would get near a cell tower, so i stumbled onto the Intrinity Plus by accident, but decided to talk to the people and get more info about it. I decided to get the medium size and have been wearing it since! I LOVE it!!! Now, i can drive around WITHOUT being fearful of coming close to the cell towers!!! Now i can just feel more normal and be around a lot of cell phones and NOT feel the effects of all the emf’s that i am subjected to at work and/or at church! I just want to say THANK YOU soooo much to LANCE and his team for inventing this AWESOME NECKLACE!!! 🙂

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