Equine Facilitated Coaching

Why Horses?

Amazing things happen when humans and horses come together. Horses are wonderful facilitators in the work of human development. Their size alone inspires a heightened state of awareness. Horses are intelligent, sensitive creatures that will respond to both positive and negative changes in the handler’s behavior, offering constant feedback and timely rewards or consequences for their actions. The horses can tune into your energy even from afar and their capacity for feeling what is happening in their environment is huge! In essence, horse are empathetic and can be aware of what is happening with your emotions and even in your physical body.

Equine-facilitated activities help people recognize and move beyond the coping strategies associated with surviving in a competitive world. Participants can develop a thriving mind set capable of endless compassion, authenticity, creativity and freedom.

  • Equine Facilitated Coaching requires no previous experience with horses.
  • The small groups will consist of 3-4 participants only.
  • It involves working on the ground with the horse in a safe setting with an experienced horse handler and a life coach who is also trained as a holistic nutritionist.
  • Just a single session can have life changing effects as participants open to their true potential.
  • Follow up support is offered to each participant in the clinic.

To find out about participating in an Equine-Facilitated Clinic, email carolgrieve333@gmail.com for dates and details or fill out the form below.


Carol Grieve’ is a holistic nutritionist, life coach, food educator, speaker, writer and the host of the internet talk radio show, Food Integrity Now. She has facilitated many workshops including parenting workshops, personal growth workshops and dolphin-facilitated workshops in Hawaii. Carol was the parent life coach at a residential school for troubled boys in Colorado for a number of years and ran a support group in the Bay Area for parents of troubled teens. She has a private coaching practice where she combines life coaching, nutrition, diet, lifestyle to assist ones to create great health and well-being. She has been a life coach for over 20 years and have assisted many to create more joyful and authentic lives.

Carol Riding in the Aspens

Michelle Goodwin is a highly experienced horse handler/trainer.


“I was fortunate enough to attend a clinic recently and it was honestly amazing. I learned so much about myself which has truly impacted my life in so many ways. Both Carol and Michelle bring together an inspirational, encouraging clinic that teaches you about yourself while engaging insight through the eyes of magnificent horses. Thank you Michelle and Carol for allowing me to be a part of this amazing clinic!!! ❤️” – KC

“It was a humbling experience being with you and the horses at the Clinic. It was powerful to unite my deep inner feelings with the horses gestures relating to what I was feeling. I always knew they were sensitive, majestic creatures who bond with the human sole. How you brought that out was incredible. You have a gift to give humans and the horses relating to that gift brought out new emotions and a new understanding of the relationship between the horse and the human. I was so amazed at the individual attention and understanding you had for each guest. BRAVO. It was a wonderful experience I will take with me forever.” – BL

“The Equine Clinic I attended brought out buried emotions that were suppressed for many years and the horses gentleness allowed me to be bold and unapologetic for my feelings, emotions, and words. I walked away with a sense of relief, freedom, and the most important emotion of all, forgiveness.” – VH

Living an Authentic Life

“As it gains power the Authentic Self collaborates with life, improvising an original composition of such poignancy that it inspires awe in those who hear it– and fear in those that cling to the cage. At the same time, the fully empowered fully embodied Spirit senses, more profoundly than ever, the needless suffering of others. And while it wouldn’t presume to fix them for their own good, it knows that it will never rest until others free themselves from the bonds of eternal slavery. At this point, every authentic creative act becomes a beacon, a soul song capable of calling others to live the truth of who they really are.” – Linda Kohanov, Epona Equestrian Services


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