Evan Folds: Grow Your Own Food In Harmony With Nature – E43

 Food Integrity Now teams up with Evan Folds, founder of Progress Earth and writer for Maximum Yields and Urban Garden Magazine, to bring you a series on how you can grow your own food in harmony with nature no matter where you live!

GMOs are proliferating our food and chemicals are polluting our soil. Much of the food you buy in the store today is an empty shell devoid of nutrients. This lack of nutrient density provides a very short satiation of hunger and robs the body of it’s necessary nutrition. It is now more important than ever to know how to grow your own food. Designing your garden in alignment with nature increases yields and provides you and your family with a reliable source of nutrient dense food.


Folds’ vision is inspiring:

One thing is for sure, we all need to wake up. To survive and prosper we must live with nature, not against her. We must wake up to our spiritual potentials and move past the dominance of materialism in our thought, action, and scientific investigation. We can do better, and we will.

Join us as Folds talks about various methods and tools that you can implement at home and take charge of your own nutrition.

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To listen to the show, click below:



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