Exposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): This Affects Everyone

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Many have not and that is by design!  This “free trade” agreement that would set rules on non-trade matters such as food safety and labeling, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulations and the environment.This secretly-negotiated agreement is being kept from Congress, state representatives, governors, the press and the public. Why is it that our representatives do not have access to the text of this Agreement, yet over 600 corporate representatives have access to the TPP? What is wrong with this picture? The TPP is in essence, NAFTA on steroids! If passed, it will be a passage of privileges and rights to corporations and a huge threat to individual sovereignty. Many are working diligently on getting GMO labeling in this country and this Agreement could virtually destroy those efforts.

 We spoke with Dr. Margaret Flowers, Pediatrician, and founder of FlushTheTPP.org. She is also co-director of ItsOurEconomy.us, editor of PopularResistance.org and co-host of ClearingTheFogRadio.org. Dr. Flowers helped us make sense of what this Agreement is really all about from what has been leaked to date. She is passionate about educating everyone about the TPP and advocates for everyone to take action to stop its passage.

President Obama is pushing for fast-tracking the TPP.  Fast-track trade authority would allow the President to sign a trade deal before Congress has an opportunity to review or approve it. Then the president could send it to Congress for an up-or-down vote. Fast track would mean there would be no meaningful hearings, limited debate and absolutely no amendments to the deal. And there would be tremendous pressure on Congress to rubberstamp anything the president signs.

There is still time to stop the TPP from being fast-tracked in October but we need everyone’s help. Dr. Flowers and others have created petitions that you can sign to tell Congress to say no to fast-track authority of the TPP and the undemocratic attempts to prevent Congress from fully vetting secret trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Tell Congress its their job to ensure trade deals work for everyone, not just giant corporations, and it would be deeply irresponsible for them to ignore that responsibility by supporting fast-track trade authority.

To find out more about how the TPP will effect you and how you can take action, click on the link below to listen to this important interview with Dr. Margaret Flowers.

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  1. Exactly which companies are involved with this TTP agreement and how do you see it trying to control and limit our freedom? Please be specific as your article lacks direct information.

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