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I am so excited to be a part of this great online interview event called “Ignite your Energy” and offer it to you. What is really cool is that you can register for free and there will also be fantastic giveaways. I guarantee you will learn something new for you and your family to take your health to the next level!

If you crave a better quality of life, want to be more energetic, desire to look and feel better and feel more confident, this series is for you. I know you care about your family and kids and want so much better for them. But maybe you don’t have time or know where to begin. Would you love a simple plan and routines that work with your schedule? If you do, this series is for you and it is free. Sign up here. My interview with Susan is on September 22 and I will be talking about getting toxins out of your body–but there are so many other fantastic speakers in this series. Check it out here: 

It doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, overwhelming to create
a healthy lifestyle full of energy for yourself and your family.


You are about to discover the SIMPLE secrets busy driven women and men use to FUEL themselves and NOURISH their HIGHEST potential. These secrets have been uncovered for you in a life changing FREE Online Interview Series and Gift Giveaway: IGNITE Your Energy!

I promise you, the energy, health and confidence you crave IS POSSIBLE and getting there can be SIMPLER than you think. But not without understanding more about our bodies, and how to fuel and nourish them with the proper nutrition, movement and mindset – along with simple planning and routines to pull it all together.

Join me, Carol Grieve and Susan McDaniel, High Energy Health Coach, and 21+ other experts in the fields of health, nutrition, fitness, mindset, hormone balance, and high performance who have partnered to record a series of audio interviews that you can listen to from anywhere. These episodes are packed with actionable information about what’s robbing you of the energy, health and confidence you desire, and simple strategies to TURN THINGS AROUND FOR GOOD – for you and your family!

Also included in this event are 21+ amazing FREE gifts (Valued over $7500) specifically designed to help you kickstart and maintain amazing energy and a healthy lifestyle!

Each interview session is a 30-45 minute audio clip, making it super convenient to listen to them while you’re on the go – walking the dog, driving, or cooking. And they’re co-led (with Susan McDaniel) by amazing speakers, doctors, coaches, authors and teachers (including me).

This event is for you if you are a woman who:

  • Is super busy and needs simple, realistic plans and routines.
  • Has extra pounds to shed, but NEVER wants to hear the word “diet” again and wants to feel strong and fit.
  • Is ready to BREAK THROUGH the cycle of self-sabotage that has kept her from sticking to healthy habits.
  • Craves the motivation to kickstart her health TODAY (not “next week” or “next month”).
  • Cares deeply about getting her family/children healthy.

IGNITE Your Energy: FREE Online Interview Series and Gift Giveaway<<< (Click this link to register NOW!)

I hope you enjoy this event and learn much! Be well, Carol



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