Is Fido Eating GMOs?

 Many of us work at eating a healthy, non-gmo diet–but what about our pets? Richard Palmquist, DVM, talked with Food Integrity Now about the importance of feeding our animals a balanced and healthy diet. He shares his thoughts and expertise on how your pet’s diet can either harm or heal. To listen to the show, click on the link below:

Dr. Palmquist is chief of Integrative Health Services at Centinela Animal Hospital in Ingelwood, California. He is the President of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (“AHVM”), a 501(c)(3), which seeks to raise money and interest in researching holistic veterinary medicine. He spoke about the need for more testing and research in the area of animal feed, which currently is being hampered by the biotech’s laws against doing research on their GMO seeds without their permission. However, the AHVM Foundation will be conducting feeding studies in the near future so that we can have conclusive, science-based evidence regarding genetic engineering and our pets. The AHVM Foundation conducts holistic research.

Dr. Palmquist shared his views on Bach Flower Remedies for our pets, vaccinations, and animals’ abilities to communicate beyond the five senses.

His sense of humor in discussing the importance of not eating dog poop makes this interview both entertaining and relevant to understanding not only the health of our pets–but human health.

Click on the link below to listen to this interesting interview:

Show Notes:

Centinela Animal Hospital
Bach Flower Remedies for your pet

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