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  1. Jose Antonio Perez Parra Duarte

    Hi I’m Jose from Mexico, I´ve been all my life pasionate about what I eat, unfortunately in this country we don’t have many options for a good nutrition, as we are the dump site of all banned ingredients from the U.S. and Europe. I would like for people to have a good and if not natural but at least healthy lifestyle. How can I become a health and wellnes coach? much needed in this country.

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    1. Its not hard! Start correcting the wrong you see! There are many people out there waiting for you
      to join you. They are tired of the chemical toxic garbage dumped into our everyday foods that we pay for, and end up in hospitals worldwide. its time we make them move it, or pay everyone’s
      medical bills, That’s Justice! Start in a community center Design your T shirt, for fundraising your Ideas, for good and better Health. Make a sign to post in the neighborhood for volunteers, and reach
      out and let Food Babe you are walking in her foot steps! start up your following to send you ideas
      or online subscribers Let them help you. There are plenty of helpers around for you. looking for
      something to do, everyone are not leaders. They need someone to call on them, guide them.
      I hope this message help you get going! teach the children, make it fun! they are the mothers and fathers of the future. Through them you are creating better people in the world. Coach Pepe. Its
      a world of people think like you. Go online in social hubs, find them I had a thought that we need
      to plant fruit trees everywhere you can get the permission to plant them. for the hungry people
      passing by on the streets can pick and eat, they will help keep the plants nurtured just so they can
      eat the fruit. it would stop killings in the world, and cut down on stealing.
      Living in concrete, and no where to plant food can make life hard for the hungry people without money. That’s why people are forced to supermarket shinny neat packaged, or bottled toxic junk for food distroying our organs!.
      like Canola Oil A straight up killer forced on super market shelves. its machine oil for factories. its
      industrial oil made in canada. it helps keep foods like fried potatoes be crunchy and last longer!
      That’s why if you fry your potatoes at home they don’t last long.Its in, cookies, cakes, pies, and
      other foods. almost everything needing oil chips etc. Do your research Coach.

      Good Luck!

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