Food Babe: She’s Taking on Kraft and Other Big Food Corporations

 Ever think that you can’t make a difference? Vani Hari aka Food Babe may change your mind. Food Babe started blogging about food a little over two years ago and her passion, tenacity and knowledge has effected many–including big restaurant chains and their food ingredients.  Many think that they cannot take on the “big” food companies, but not Food Babe, she just goes for it.

 Recently, Food Babe took on Kraft Foods and their Macaroni and Cheese (something that many of us grew up with.) She discovered that Kraft had two different versions of their mac and cheese–one for Americans and one for the UK. She discovered that yellow dye #5 and yellow dye #6 are ingredients in the American version and that Kraft does not use these ingredients in their UK version. These dyes have been proven to be linked to hyperactivity in children. She started a petition to ask Kraft to remove the dyes and has collected over 300,000 signatures. Her petition gained her National attention and she has been interviewed by just about every major news source in the U.S.  The New York Times recently posted an article about Kraft and their warning labels on this product in the UK (New York Times article).

Food Babe has also taken on companies like Chipotle, Fro Yo (yogurt), Subway and more! Her investigative work has prompted some of these companies to make changes in their ingredients.

Food Babe’s passion for exposing the truth is infectious. Her Facebook page is also a wonderful source of information on eating and enjoying an organic life!

To listen to her amazing story, click on the link below:

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Food Babe website
Food Babe Facebook Page
New York Times Article


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