The Food Babe Way: The Food Industry Does Not Want YOU to Read This!

  What if you could find a resource that you could hold in your hand that would help you break free from the toxins in your food? What if this resource could help you lose weight, feel better, look younger and get healthy in just 21 days?

I spoke with Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, this week and she has created that resource! Her new book, The Food Babe Way, is being released today, February 10, and it is a fantastic resource for navigating your way through our food supply. During our interview, Vani shared with me some of the important information in her book. We discussed several of the chapters including her top 10 fad diets, pesticides in your food, artificial sweeteners and her 21-day plan for not only removing toxins from your body but learning how to eat “real” food even when you dine out or travel.

The Food Babe Way is also an excellent resource guide and lists information and links on topics like How to Start a Petition, Cookbooks, Food Advocacy Groups, Food News, Health Blogs, Restaurant Guides and more! Vani has also included some of her favorite recipes. There is also a section on creating a healthy food pantry!

Vani’s book is a complete reference guide to getting healthy NOW and staying healthy! To listen to this informative and powerful interview that previews her book, click on the link at the bottom right of the page.

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