Food Integrity Dining Guide: Send us your favorites!

 Food Integrity Now is in the process of creating a dining guide for the United States. We will be rating restaurants as to their food integrity, i.e. organics, non-gmo and locally sourced. We are in the process of interviewing restaurants and rating them. We will also provide some information as to each restaurant that serves, gluten-free items, vegetarian, vegan, etc.  Obviously, this is a big task and we need your help. If you would like to suggest a restaurant in your area to be considered for the Guide, please email your suggestions to You can also post suggestions on our Facebook page at Food Integrity Now.

We know this Guide will be very helpful for people to locate clean restaurants to dine. We also want to recognize restaurants for their efforts in serving food with integrity. This will be at no cost to the restaurants! Thanks for your help! We appreciate you!



  1. Can’t give you any, as I live in a small community with terrible eating places. I refuse to eat at these places even if I don’t want to cook, as healthy they are not, right down to iceburg lettuce! Thanks for all you do! Namaste

  2. Carol, I found your podcast with Dr. Blaylock. He probably could have saved my mother from ALS. She was the first in our family to die from Lou Gehrig’s (and first to be subjected to corporate food). After one month of clean eating, my cronic muscle twitches (ALS symptons?) go away. memory improves, all senses better. Thanks for all your efforts. Zest Kitchen & Bar in Salt Lake City is my favorite. – Utah Walden

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