Food Integrity Now – E07 – The Truth About Fluoride

 Once a month in elementary school, the teacher passed out cups of glowing green liquid that tasted like slime and was supposed to be good for our teeth. It was called “swish and spit” and every child was forced to do it unless his/her parents wrote a note. The nasty taste of that vile stuff is burned into the memories of my taste buds forever. We are told that fluoride is good for our teeth and it is put in our water, but what is it?

Alan Drobnak has been doing extensive research into this topic and it turns out it affects a lot more than just your teeth. This toxic chemical is a by-product of aluminum production and has many detrimental effects on the human mind and body. Fluoride micro-crystals clog the the pineal gland and affects consciousness. As well as being a primary ingredient in Sarin nerve gas and pesticides, fluoride was originally used in Nazi concentration camps to promote passivity amongst the prisoners. The promotion of fluoride as beneficial to human health was a dupe by one of the most clever marketers of our time and is in much more than just your water and toothpaste. Join us for this groundbreaking show as Alan puts it all together and tells us why we should care and what we can do to cleanse and protect our bodies from fluoride.


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