Food Integrity Now – E13 – Ewell Culbertson on Organic Farming and the Importance of Organic

 Ewell Culbertson of Pachamama Organic Farm joins us again for a fascinating show discussing the importance of organic and some of the method used on his farm located near Boulder, CO. Ewell describes the necessary role of microbes in plant biology along with proper soil composition. He illustrates how a plant with a strong immune system can naturally fight off threats from pests. Nutrient density is not a very common term, but Ewell believes this will change as more people become aware of it’s importance. Nutrient density is the concentration of vitamins and minerals in produce you eat and it varies widely based on the method by which it was grown. He gives us a method by which you can test the nutrient density of your produce at home. Ewell makes some great points about how our perceptions of food have changed and why it is important that we take a new look at everything we put in our bodies.


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