Food Integrity Now – E15 – Amy Kalafa of Two Angry Moms

 Amy Kalafa, award-winning documentary filmmaker and creator of Two Angry Moms, joins Carol on the show to discuss her new film that is waking up moms across the U.S. as to what “food” their kids are eating at school and what they can do about it. The film peers onto the lunch trays of schools across the country, examining what needs to change in most and giving examples of what that change can be in others.

Kalafa spent years packing her kids’ lunches, advocating positive change in her school district’s food and eventually became banned from her children’s’ school cafeteria. Our kids were being sold sugary drinks, cookies and candy for lunch and then expected to sit still and learn. Many were not ever being taught what proper nutrition is and how important it is proper mind-body function. Seeing that this problem was much bigger than her community, she decided to use her film-making abilities and take her message nationwide.

This film currently sweeping the nation takes food documentaries to next level. Not only does it expose the issues, agendas and interests that propagate the old system, it offers strategies for the viewer to take action.


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