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 Francis Mangels, former USDA scientist and featured expert in the movie What In The World Are They Spraying?, joins us to talk about the controversial topic, chemtrails. Skeptics say that chemtrails are merely persistent contrails, but the conditions for which normal contrails to persist are very rare. Is something more going on? For years, geo-engineers have discussed using high altitude aerosol spraying to mitigate the effects of global warming. They just don’t admit that they are doing it. Francis states that geo-engineering is indeed occurring, and has the evidence to back it up.

Mangels’ high altitude soil and surface water tests show alarmingly high levels aluminum hydroxide/oxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide. These levels are off the charts for what the EPA considers safe, yet they refuse to investigate. In addition to toxicity, these chemicals make soil pH 10-20 times higher than normal and make it difficult for plants to grow.

Mangels’ further supports his claims by pointing to the Welsbach Patent, which describes a process for absorbing UV radiation in the atmosphere through aerosol spraying from an airplane. Mangels has contacted the FAA, NASA, the Airforce and other military agencies about his findings and they refuse to acknowledge it. To date, no one has disputed his data, they just refuse to comment. This amazing interview will leave you wondering, what in the world are they spraying and why?


    1. Mr. Marsden, thank you for your comment. From my Google searches, I see that you are a meteorologist and quite active in debunking the existence of stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering. We find the data compelling, but above all, we seek truth. We would love to invite you on the show to debate Francis Mangels. Do you accept our invitation?

      – The Food Integrity Now Team

  1. I do not want to negotiate this here. Could you continue by e-mail?
    You have my address; I don’t see yours.
    Thank you.

  2. For those which foolishly state ‘there are no chem-trails’ try looking up in the sky when three to six jumbo jets, at high elevations, are spraying repeatedly over the same general location.

    1. Chet, thanks for sharing that article. There is a global plan and they do have a reason for the geoengineering and I know it is not to combat global warming. Not telling the public that they are spraying harmful and toxic chemicals into our atmosphere is a crime against humanity. The ones doing the spraying want all of us look like we are conspiracy theorist or wackos to even be discussing this. The bottomline is people are gathering evidence that eventually will not be able to be disputed and the truth will surface. G. Edward Griffen was talking about this in our interview with him and said that eventually they will have to admit they are doing this but he also said they will say “we did it for your own good.” It will be interesting how this will play out and how they will manipulate people to believe this. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time. Keep looking up and passing on the information–ridicule only works if we allow it.

      By the way, Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffen will be on the Food Integrity Now show on May 15 to give us an update on chemtrails and the mounting evidence they are gathering. Stay tuned.

  3. Soon as you say you believe in chemtrails being more than normal contrails, you are tagged as an extremist wackjob. Sad, as it is affecting all of us. I’ve watched a beautiful, clear blue sky roll overhead through the morning, only to be destroyed by hundreds of chemtrails by the afternoon, as a group of jets cross back and forth spamming whatever it is they are spewing across the skies, and those trails disperse to cover the entire sky with a thin, grayish veil. Not only is it depressing to see them destroy the blue sky, one cannot help but wonder, why? We all have our theories, but I’d really love to know what is going on. Especially since there are numerous reports of various illnesses after the most massive flyovers.

    1. Thank Lindy for your comment. You are correct, they know that ridiculing those that talk about chemtrails will allow them to continue without anyone questioning what is really happening. Keep spreading the word and getting the information out–the evidence is mounting!

  4. Francis the scientist here. This marsden character in the first post has no response to the data I presented in the paper “Geoengineering what we Know.” He has never said a word to me in respomse to the data. BTW I think his real initials are JB, and it is the same person from the same site, who is paid as a military contractor from Texas to debunk.
    The fellow has never presented contrary data nor has he ever refuted the data I presented. However, he does have beliefs based on opinions, which are as good as anyone else’s opinion. However, they don’t match facts. If we did so, the world would be flat! yes Mr. Columbus, in 1492 we are certain you are a wacko…;-) The world is certainly flat!

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