Food Integrity Now – Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin: New Information on Chemtrails Revealed! – E41

 Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin, the producers of the controversial documentary, What in the World Are They Spraying? Their film covers “geo-engineering”, which is the artificial manipulation of the environment by governments and corporations for the stated purpose of preventing global warming. Geo-engineers like David Keith theorize that the greenhouse effect can be ameliorated by spraying aerosols of aluminum, barium and strontium from airplanes. These are toxic metals which poison the soils and human health. Many have been noticing that some airplanes leave trails which persist and spread in a manner unlike normal contrails. Murphy and Griffin state that these are not “persistent contrails”, but chemical trails from geo-engineering programs. This topic is gaining attention, listen in to learn about new developments in awareness and pending legislation.



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