Gabe Brown: Our Lives Depend on the Soil

I spoke with Gabe Brown, farmer, educator and author who is one of the leading experts on soil and regenerative agriculture. Gabe shared the how and why our lives depend on the soil. That may seem like a bold statement but it makes sense if you understand why our soil has become deplete of vital nutrients and how we can fix this through regenerative farming and agriculture. We love solutions and Gabe Brown has them!

He and his family own Brown’s Ranch in North Dakota, which is a 6,000 acre operation. He shared what he learned from a series of weather-related crop disasters that put him and his wife, Shelly, in desperate financial straits. They started making bold changes to their farm and learned what nature had to teach him.

Regenerated Soil

He discussed the 6 principals of regenerative agriculture and how each of these are important to regenerate the soil to create a healthy ecosystem and nutritionally rich crops. Our food is only as nutrient dense as our soil and it is the key to our health. These principals apply to everyone–from the balcony or patio gardener, backyard gardener, to huge farming and ranch operations. He also talked about how farmers can become more financially viable using these methods without government subsidies. His son, Paul, has a company that sells their pasture-raised foods from their farm directly to consumers called Nourished by Nature.

Even if you don’t garden, this information is important to understand when you buy food. Gabe is on a mission to share his knowledge and has taught these principals around the world. He is passionate and very knowledgeable.

Gabe has written a book about these principals called Dirt to Soil, One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture and was also featured in the Netflix movie, Kiss the Ground.

Dirt to Soil, One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture

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