GE Salmon: Is The World Ready for Frankenfish?

 If approved, genetically engineered salmon (“Frankenfish”) would be the first genetically engineered animal that our Federal Government has ever approved for food consumption. This decision could be a defining moment for humanity, wildlife and our planet. Colin O’Neil, Director of Government Affairs for the Center for Food Safety talks with Food Integrity Now about the inherent dangers of allowing the approval by the FDA of AquaBounty’s GE salmon. O’Neil discusses the risks of GE Salmon being released into the enviroment, as well as the health dangers associated with this untested salmon. His message is one of urgency! O’Neil advocates to everyone to let their voice be heard by the FDA. The comment period to the FDA has been extended until April 26, 2013 and provides a golden opportunity to create a consumer uproar and put a  halt to GE Salmon. One way to let your voice be heard is by going to to send your comment. O’Neil further discusses the Center for Food Safety’s involvement in the historic Bowman vs. Monsanto case and his recent book, Nano Exposed: A Citizen’s Guide to Nanotechnology. To listen to this important message, click on the link below:


  1. The central problem we face, has little to do with the GMO debate, or the organic/conventional debate, or the junk food/nourishing food debate, the central problem, is that media will not allow us to make our case to the general public. Our media are strongly swayed by the same corporate forces that fought us every step of the way. It’s boldness and determination that will help our side. How do we know we’re right? We know we’re right, because mass media are denying us a fair and equitable airing of our views. Once the media are shown to be prejudiced against our views, things will change. The weather is “explained” to us. Mass media “explain” how it is, that we ought to buy products from their advertisers. It seems to me, that media ought to explain to us, how and why the anti-GMO movement needs 100 times the explaining that it has received. Now, that’s news!

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