Gluten-Free Food Testing Results Are In

Moms Across America initiated testing of 46 samples of gluten-free foods for Glyphosate/AMPA, 236 Pesticides, minerals and gluten. Today, the gluten-free food testing results are in!

Food Integrity Now interviewed the Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America, Zen Honeycutt to discuss these alarming results. Listen or watch below.

In the US, 12% of men and 9% of women report eating gluten free. Some 600 Million people around the world avoid eating gluten. Some have Celiac disease, which is a serious life-threatening condition and they must avoid gluten completely. People who have Celiac disease have 2 to 4 times higher rates of coronary artery disease and small bowel cancer. Fifty percent (50%) of people on a gluten-free diet report symptoms. Moms Across America suspected that there might be undisclosed contamination–this prompted their testing. They were also concerned that there would be glyphosate and other pesticides in these products and they were correct!

Glyphosate was found in 44 of these samples and 21% of them had levels higher than 10 ppb which is the EU threshold for glyphosate residue. Keep in mind, one of the leading experts on glyphosate, Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus, Purdue University, says that glyphosate is toxic at .01 ppb and 95.6% of the samples tested contained glyphosate higher than the .01 ppb.

The highest level of glyphosate in gluten-free food was in Banza Chickpea pasta. It had 2,963 ppb of glyphosate which was the highest amount of glyphosate in food the lab has recorded.

Glyphosate disrupts the microbiome and the beneficial gut bacteria, it is a known carcinogen, an endocrine disrupter (we’re talking infertility and lower sperm counts in men), can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, kidney disease, and more. Learn more about glyphosate here.

These companies with glyphosate in their products need to do testing and be held accountable. It is not an expensive endeavor to test and they need to be responsible for their sourcing for their ingredients. If you find one of your favorite products in the full report, please email them and demand that they to do better!

2,4-D was the second most prevalent pesticide. If you are unfamiliar with 2,4-D, it was found in Agent Orange used in Vietnam, which caused harm to millions. My concern is that they (Bayer/Monsanto) may try to replace glyphosate with 2,4-D, which is extremely toxic! Regardless, we all need to work on getting glyphosate banned and at the very least, stopped from being used as a drying agent (pre-harvest desiccant) on our food. This is likely the main reason glyphosate is in so much of our food. Check out the full report here:

We also found gluten in 3 out of the 46 samples. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) states that gluten-free food should have less than 10 ppm. Three additional samples had levels of gluten above 10ppm. According to the National Celiac Association: Consuming a diet of 20 ppm is considered safe for those with Celiac disease because it should put most people below the 10 mg threshold when you add up all the foods eaten in a day. The GFCO certification however, requires that all starting ingredients and finished products test below the applicable gluten-free threshold of the country of sale or 10 ppm, whichever is lower.

Moms Across America calls upon all gluten-free food manufacturers to be responsible for the quality control. They need to consistently test their products to assure that levels of gluten are below 10 ppm, as gluten-free certification calls for.

Listen to the interview below and to learn more about how some of these brands and products did in the testing. Please share this information with others! Thanks for being here.

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