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Food Integrity Now spoke with Glyphosate Girl, Kelly Ryerson, about her journey covering the Monsanto trials. She candidly spoke with me about covering the first trial, Johnson v. Monsanto, and how she created her very entertaining, creative, and informative blog. The illustrations on this post are created by Kelly from her blog!

Johnson v. Monsanto Verdict

When Kelly arrived at the San Francisco Courthouse, initially to protest at the trial, she was surprised to only see lawyers there. She met some of the trial team, like Michael Baum and even Bobby Kennedy. She wondered where are the protesters? Who doesn’t protest against Monsanto? Her next move was to just go in, even though she didn’t know if she was allowed, which she was, and start blogging about the trial. She came back every single day and blogged about the trial. That is a lot of sitting on a hard courtroom bench for 8 weeks. Thus, Glyphosate Girl was created. Her informative, creative, and very entertaining blog kept us informed about the trial on a daily basis. is no ordinary blog nor is Kelly! She is cleaver, funny, articulate, and tenacious. A lot has happened since this first trial. She now has another writer, AOJ, helping her write the blog. Interestingly enough, he happens to have been one of the jurors on this first trial.

Roundup Should Kill Weeds, Not People

In our conversation, she shares some great news about the appellate case of Johnson v. Monsanto that you will want to know about.  We also talked about the Bayer settlement of the over 125,000 cases against Monsanto and what is next! Check it out here, or just listen to the podcast below:

Glyphosate Girl, Kelly Ryerson and Carol Grieve’, Food Integrity Now

If you want to know more about GMOs and Glyphosate and the dangers of RoundUp, you can also learn more here:

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