Scott and Mary Smith of GM Know, Leading Boulder County’s Fight Against GMOs – E63

 Scott and Mary Smith, founders of GM Know, are actively and passionately working to create change in Boulder County’s GMO policy on public lands. Currently over 25,000 acres of open space are used to grow GMO corn by a small group of about 70 farmers.

Scott, Mary and the several hundred members of GM Know want to change this. They have created “The Citizens Cropland Policy” and it comes under final review by the County Commissioners on Thursday, December 8th in Longmont, CO.

The Citizens Cropland Policy is a new vision for the land that includes returning the soil to its natural, healthy state and growing non-GMO food for all citizens of Boulder County. Their economic analysis shows this plan would create new jobs and not impact the current budget. Listen to this show and hear their comprehensive plan that could well become the role model for other counties in Colorado and across the nation.


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