GMO 2.0 Gene Editing

Many people many be unaware of GMO 2.0 and gene editing. Food Integrity Now recently attended the National Heirloom Expo in Ventura, CA. One of the speakers, Jeffrey Smith, Founder and Executive Director of The Institute for Responsible Technology, did an excellent talk and presentation on GMO 2.0 gene editing. Thank you to Responsible Technology for keeping us informed about this risky and dangerous technology and offering us the following information to consider and take action.

Bayer/Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF, et al., creating genetically engineered soil microbes for massive release. What could go wrong?

Let’s not engineer soil microbes….just NO!

A fantastic – yet alarming – new report from our colleagues at Friends of the Earth details the current state of biotech giants creating GE microbes to be released into the soil as part of their sales package to farmers. More of the same empty promises but this time around “biologicals.” 

Biologicals differ from chemicals and even traditional GMOs in that they are living gene edited (GE) microorganisms applied to soil that can reproduce, spread, and interact with other microbes and other species. “Releasing GE microbes in agriculture represents an unprecedented open-air experiment,” the report states, “that may have irreversible consequences.” These consequences go well beyond the soil to risks to human, plant, and animal health as well as the greater environment. 

These biotech giants are attempting to market these biologicals as their answer to regenerative agriculture. But farmers have to buy into the whole system of chemicals, seeds, and traditional GMOs to have access to these further insults to the Earth.

 “We can’t replace a jug of chemicals with a jug of biologicals and think we’re   going to have a sustainable farming system — a holistic approach achieves   better, more consistent results than ‘silver bullet’ microbes that can be   isolated, produced and marketed.”                   –Genetically Engineered Soil Microbes: Risks and Concerns, pg.11.

We call this new era of genetic modification GMO 2.0 as it goes well beyond food. Anything with DNA is in play. 

The full report can be found HERE and an article on the findings can be found HERE for further reading. 

In the meantime, keep reading below to see a short reel on IRT’s take on the risks and how you can help make our voice heard for meaningful regulation of GMO 2.0 in agriculture. 

Did you catch our popular reel on social media about this very subject? GMOs don’t belong in the soil.

As genetically engineered (GE) microbes proliferate — and unless we stop them — they have the power to devastate our forests. ? In addition to introducing new elements, they also have the ability to change existing elements — whether these GE microbes are in the air or under the ground. It’s our responsibility to preserve these beautiful and important places as biotech companies attempt to release GE microbes into our ecosystems. To hear more from Jeffrey click HERE

And go HERE to learn about our new Self-Care Advocate Community and how joining can be a first step towards educating yourself on the dangers of GMOs, and help guide you toward what you can do to lead a healthier and GMO-free lifestyle.

Please see below to sign on to a letter to USDA Secretary Vilsack about regulating GMO 2.0.

Want to Take Action? Sign On to Our Letter to USDA Secretary Vilsack.

He’s in Charge of This Type of Thing

Join IRT in demanding stronger regulations and mandatory labeling for gene-edited GMOs. Our right to know what’s in our food and make informed choices is at stake. Take Action HERE

In our letter to the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, we invite him to watch our thought-provoking six-minute animated film titled, Seven Reasons Why Gene Editing is Dangerous and Unpredictable. This film encapsulates key insights and findings, compelling us to urgently call for robust regulation and mandatory labeling of these potentially hazardous gene edited products.

Thank you to the Institute for Responsible Technology for providing us this important information. Knowlege is power! Thanks for sharing this information. Food Integrity Now will be speaking with Jeffrey Smith regarding GMO 2.0 and Gene Editing during our interview together in October. Please “Join Us” and you will receive an email with this information and interview when it is complete.

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