Are Statins Really The Answer? The Great Cholesterol Myth

 Is high cholesterol really a major indicator of risk for heart disease? Could inflammation from a diet high in sugar be just as much a risk, if not more, as a predictor for heart disease? Why have fats been so villainized? Dr. Stephen Sinatra has been studying cholesterol and it’s relationship to heart disease for many years and answers these questions and more. Listening to this show could change the way you look at heart disease and assist you to create a healthier lifestyle–one that may not include a cholesterol-lowering drug that has many side effects.

 Recently the Nations leading heart organizations released new guidelines that will fundamentally reshape the use of cholesterol-lowering statin medicines, which are now prescribed to over 36 million Americans. If these new guidelines are followed by doctors, that number could double to 72 million people taking statin drugs.

Food Integrity Now spoke with cardiologist and author, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, about these new guideline and his books, The Great Cholesterol Myth and The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook. Dr. Sinatra explained his views on the overuse of statins and how lifestyle changes can be more effective in reducing the risks for many. He shared information on recent studies that indicate that people actually live longer with high cholesterol and that women, in particular, rarely benefit from taking statins in an effort to reduce their risk of heart disease.

 He talked about his recently released book, The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook which not only has great information on reducing the risk for heart disease—with many wonderful recipes to assist in creating a heart healthy diet.

Dr. Sinatra shared his 6 pillars of healthy aging, or preventing degenerative diseases, including heart disease. Click on the link below to listen to this important interview:

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  1. I have been on statins for over 10 years and NOT because of cholesterol levels, but because I have a plaque build up in my stomach area of the aorta. It actually showed up on a back Xray. I was told statins help reduce the plaque build-up in arteries, so that’s why I take one 40mg of simvastatin per day.

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