The Great March For Climate Action: Coming to a Town Near You!

 Many people talk about sustainability and what we are doing to our planet through pollutants, toxic chemicals, fossil fuels and how we have created a climate crisis. Ed Fallon, and many others are taking it one step further and are actively doing something to address this important issue of climate crisis. Fallon, the organizer of the Great March for Climate Change, spoke with Food Integrity Now about the Great March for Climate Change, which begins in Los Angeles on March 1, 2014 and ends in Washington, D.C. on November 1, 2014. This monumental undertaking has currently attracted 222 marchers from 37 states and 6 countries. The marchers are not only walking across the country to raise awareness but to educate and offer real solutions on what we can all do to assist in altering the climate crisis. Find out what you can do!

Listen to this brief interview and learn how you can get involved and when the Marchers will be in your city:

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  1. The entire global climate system is being completely manipulated and disrupted by the ongoing geoengineering/climate engineering assault.

    This is not an opinion, but hard fact that is clearly evident to any that do honest investigation without preconceptions, mental filters, or hidden agenda’s.

    Even small scale climate modification experiments would have the potential to disrupt the entire system, but the harsh reality is that the our weather is now being completely manipulated around the globe.

  2. Geoengineering, also known as chemtrailing, is the cause of climate change. The artificial changing of the climate has been a hard sell to the public; so hard, in fact, that it was easier to convince the public that they were the cause of climate change than to convince them that governments or corporations purposefully altered weather for pre-determined reasons.

    For decades the world’s people were willing to stand accused of acid rain, droughts, floods, air pollution, crop failures, ozone holes, hurricanes and tornadoes, tsunamis, melting ice caps, and anything else their tell-a-visions and mini-screens told them they caused. In truth, it was simply easier to stand accused than to become educated and deductively consider the facts, timing, and results of “changed” weather. It was somehow easier to sarcastically blame “chemtrails” on “conspiracy theorists” than to see them

    Ultimately, it does not matter what you call it, whether conspiracy theory, geoengineering, aerial spraying, or simply choosing ignorance and blindness; the results are conclusive. The world will, in fact, depopulate by massive numbers, food will become wildly expensive and unnatural, and at the same time impossible to grow without altered and modified seed

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