Harmonic Biome: Creating Balance in our Microbiome

I spoke with Lance Leonard, co-founder of New Phoenix Rising, about Harmonic Biome and creating balance in our microbiome. Lance talked about why Harmonic Biome is so different than the other products sold for healing the gut. Harmonic Biome is made from mint, slippery elm, and garlic–but there is more! This product is quantum infused which uses plasma and frequency, as well as impeccably clean and well-sourced ingredients. Lance shares what all this means to you and gives a brief explanation of how quantum infusion works ! What is plasma? He shares a bit on this too. These set it apart from other products!

Lance offers great information on holistically healing your gut and the intimately connected brain. He offers some helpful tips on not only the physical issue of balancing the microbiome, but he also talked about what the research is showing that our thoughts are affected by what we eat and the health of our gut. I think you will agree that he is quite knowledgeable and that New Phoenix Rising is a high integrity company–that I have trusted for years!

Check it out here:

Lance and Carol

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