Have You Priced The Cost Of Illness?

Many people who are on limited incomes resist buying organics, because of the expense. And, because there is some controversial content disputing the benefits of organic foods, it can be confusing.  Some people just can’t decide and then fall back on hoping for the best while fearing the worst. This mindset in and of itself doesn’t promote thriving. A good question or something to think about is “have you priced the cost of illness?”

In this conversation, Carol and Rosie discuss the dilemma of choosing high-quality foods for our medicines over choosing affordable foods, which could actually create stress and disease within our bodies.

A friend of Rosie’s said the other day, “I’ll buy organics if you can guarantee they will keep me healthy and free of disease.” As we know, there are no guarantees. And, interestingly, it points to a belief that if we get sick, medicines and chemo-therapy will save us. Another friend who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer has created a Go-Fund-Me to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses. Getting sick is not cheap! The family can’t afford his living or his dying with Cancer. He isn’t alone!

This begs the question, why are so many people getting cancer and other diseases? What has changed? Perhaps one of the answers to that question is what’s in our food and the environment? From Carol’s perspective, what is on the end of your fork absolutely matters. Food can either harm or heal. Having worked with many people who were in the process of creating disease or had a disease, and then seeing the amazing results of diet and lifestyle change, eating food free of toxins can be part of the solution.

Rosie knows from working with many people that changing our mindset from choosing from of fear, lack, or “shoulds” doesn’t promote healing or thriving. Mindset matters and coming from a place of being curious and loving self can promote healing and thriving. Rosie said, “When I think about buying good quality food because I’m worth it and because I feel better, every part of me wins.” Coming from appreciation for all that our body is doing for us can really assist in feeling better and creating a life where we are not in survival mode but thriving! 

What is on your fork?

Since we know the medical costs are going up and up, why not start by taking a look at what caused the issue in the first place? No question that organic food is more expensive than conventionally grown food.  It does cost more, but in the long run, does it? Everyone gets to decide this for themselves. What do you want to invest in for your health so you can thrive like a guru?

Listen to Carol and Rosie discuss this important topic by clicking on the link below.

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