Having Friends of the Heart To Thrive!

In this episode of Beyond Food Integrity, thriving Like a Guru, Rosie and I talk about friendships. We discuss the importance of having friends of the heart and how this helps us thrive!

Having friends seems simple enough, but is it? We talk about some of the differences between having friends of the heart and friends of the mind (a phrase I learned through one of my teachers.) Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, called opposite polarity. What that means is there is an equal opposite polarity to every choice. More on that Universal Law later…

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Having someone you can tell anything to who you know will not judge you or try to “fix you,” can be of great benefit and assist you to thrive. We discuss what this means and how we, and you, can discern what you want in a true friendship. Having a friend of the heart is someone who will tell you the truth in a loving way without making you wrong or being critical. That friend won’t seek your approval or want you to stay status quo–they will want to assist you to grow and thrive!

Having friends of the mind is not bad or wrong, it just may not leave you feeling seen, heard, or gotten! Thank you Rosie for those powerful words! Isn’t being seen, heard, and gotten something we all strive for? Or, another way to put it is to feel valued. We may have friendships where we don’t feel nurtured, honored, or valued and it’s those types of relationships that we may need to let go of–or to set boundaries around. It is all choice and it’s not always easy. But…there is value in knowing the difference and making choices that honor and respect one another. It goes both ways!

Listen in and see what you think or feel about your friendships. We appreciate you being here and listening to our conversation today. Leave us a comment below if you want–we would love to hear from you about your thoughts on friendships or any other topic!

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