Healing Grounds, Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming

Liz Carlisle is no stranger to studying regenerative agriculture, food and farm policy, and incentivizing soil health practices and supporting new entry farmers. That being said, what she writes about in her latest book, Healing Grounds, Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming, digs much deeper into climate change.

A powerful movement is happening in farming today–and some are reconnecting with their roots to fight climate change. In Healing Grounds, Liz Carlisle tells the stories of indigenous, Black, Latinx, and Asian American farmers who are reviving their ancestors’ methods of growing food–which have been suppressed by our current industrial food system.

A woman in Montana is learning her peoples’ history (Blackfeet Nation) to help bring back the buffalo. Another is preserving a forest purchased by her great-great uncle, among the first wave of African Americans to buy land and nurture the mushrooms in the forest. Others are growing corn, beans and squash, the way their ancestral Mexican relatives have done for centuries. And, others are rotating crops for native cuisines of those who fed the “American Wars” in Southeast Asia.

Liz and I discuss these stories and how farmers are restoring native prairies, enriching soil health and nurturing beneficial fungi. She shares how these farmers are using a holistic approach that values not only the land, but people.

This holistic approach to climate change could restore the land and sequester carbon deep into the roots so there is a “savings account” of carbon. She shares that the task is great but it has so much promise. It will require a reckoning with our nation’s agricultural history, which is marked by discrimination and displacement. It will also require dismantling the power structures that have blocked many farmers of color from owning land or building wealth.

Carlisle states: “By coming together to restore these farmlands, we can not only heal our planet, we can also heal our communities and ourselves.”

In this highly informative and interesting interview, Carlisle makes a compelling case that soil can save us from the climate catastrophe we are facing in a way that isn’t being talked about by many. This approach may be an authentic path to healing the planet and its inhabitants. Click on the like below to hear this compelling interview. Thanks for listening!!

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