Health Alert: Radiation–It hasn’t just gone away!

HEALTH ALERT by guest blogger, Linda Masterson, April 2, 2013

THE SITUATION: Hawaii, Alaska and the US West Coast, especially, but the entire Northern Hemisphere in actuality, are being exposed to high doses of radiation from the ongoing Fukushima Daichi situation in Japan.

EFFECTS ON HUMANS: This situation is under-reported in the media; however, news of the impact on humans, animals and plants is coming in slowly. Here’s information from an article, published in March 2013 about sickness in American babies:  “Radioactive isotopes blasted from the failed reactors may have given kids born in Hawaii and along the American West Coast health disorders which, if left untreated, can lead to permanent mental and physical handicaps.”


WHAT BIOLUMINA CAN DO: BioLumina Spirulina protects from, cleanses and repairs the effects of radiation exposure. It protects by saturating the thyroid with bioavailable iodine; it cleanses by chelating radioactive isotopes out of the body; it repairs by supporting accurate DNA/RNA replication. All these benefits build up over time with DAILY intake of one tablespoon for an adult.

THE SCIENCE: Here is information about BioLumina’s role in mitigating effects of radiation exposure in a 1993 Belarus scientific paper: “Spirulina, a natural food supplement, reduced urine radioactivity levels by 50% in only 20 days. This result was achieved after giving 5 grams a day to children at the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Minsk, Belarus.” (

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STAYING INFORMED: Since the US government is not playing an active role in keeping the public informed of this situation, ones have taken responsibility to set up a citizen-led and –run radiation network. You can check levels for your locality at this link:

CALL TO ACTION: PLEASE join us in sharing this information with family, friends, loved ones and the wider public. Information is not only power; it is responsibility

EXCESS DEATHS: This is an image showing “excess deaths” (deaths which would otherwise not have occurred) attributed to radiation from Fukushima in the first year after the meltdown.


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