Health and Homesteading

Today I spoke with Dr. Chris Boman, holistic chiropractor, father, author, and homesteader. Homesteading has grown exponentially over the last couple of years with many people wanting to know more about where their food comes from and to be part of that process. Dr. Boman shares with us how he got started homesteading and about the upcoming Health and Homesteading event in Murrieta, California.

Health and Homesteading Conference

Dr. Boman and his wife started First Fruits Homestead in 2020 and practice regenerative agriculture methods which starts with creating healthy soil for healthy plants, then healthy animals for healthy food products. Dr. Boman shared that the Health and Homesteading Conference will bring people together to not only learn how others are doing this but to bring people together to share ideas and to create community. There will be speakers on various topics like raising poultry, pigs or cows, gardening, regenerative farming, growing nutrient dense food, bee keeping, preserving food, composting, how to eat like your life depends on it, and raising healthy families. I will be there to share information on how to be a smart shopper to navigate some of the deception in food labeling, how to avoid chemicals and pesticides in your food and why cooking and eating nutrient dense food is essential for your health. Dr. Boman asserted that you don’t have to have a large property to do homesteading and there will be a speaker who will talk about homesteading in a track home. It will be a great event to meet others who are homesteading or just backyard gardeners, and people who just want to learn. There will be vendors there with some of the latest information and products that could support you in this process.

Carol Celebrating the Abundant Squash

Dr. Boman also shared about his book, Perspective: Rewire Your Brain for Success and Abundance. This book is a cumulation of his experience as a clinician, entrepreneur, father, and farmer to help people adopt the abundance mindset and success lifestyle from a neurological level.

To learn more about the Health and Homesteading event on February 25 and Dr. Boman’s book, listen to interview below. He offers wonderful information on living a healthy lifestyle! Thanks for listening and check out our health store here which helps support Food Integrity Now! One product I absolutely love is Gut to Glow. It is amazing! If you want to try it, use Free Shipping Code FSGLOWFIN


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