Healthy Bones without Fosamax® Please!

 When former Wall Streeter, Irma Jennings, was diagnosed with Osteopenia, her doctor instantly reached for his prescription pad. Jennings knew that Fosamax® was not going to be the way for her. This diagnosis catapulted her into a journey of dedicated study, beginning at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition then on to advanced studies locally and abroad. One thing was for sure, she had to make some changes in her life! These changes included drastically changing her diet and quitting her stressful job. Her research and studies about bone nutrition have launched her into her new career as a Holistic Bone Health Coach–where she assists others to examine their diet and lifestyle to create healthier bones. Jennings is passionate about bone health and feels that having a strong infrastructure is of utmost  importance to having a healthy body. Click below to listen to her story.

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