Howard Vlieger: Student of the Soil on GMOs, Soil and Glyphosate

 Howard Vlieger is a third generation family farmer and has been a student of the soil since 1989 and a crop nutrition advisor since 1982. He has worked with crop and livestock producers all over the country and in Canada. Vlieger has also worked with some of the best scientist in the world in his research on the effects of genetically modified crops and the chemical-based farming.

 Vlieger and others have been studying and learning about the effects of chemical-based farming and the affect this is having on human health and the health of our soil.  GMOs were first introduced into the food chain through rBGH as a growth hormone. From there, he walks us through the history of genetically modified crops and explains how the process of genetic engineering works. He shares the difference between natural hybridization and the process of genetic engineering and shatters the claims made by the biotech industry that their process is similar. Vlieger’s explanation as to how chemicals like Glyphosate (Roundup) work and its effect on the soil and the human body is thorough and comprehensive. He also pulls back the veil on many of claims made by the industry about this dangerous chemical.

 Vlieger was also one of the co-authors of the GMO Pig Study with Dr. Judy Carman. This double-blind, peer-reviewed study was completed in June of 2013 and verified his suspicions of inflammation and ulcers in the stomachs of pigs that were fed GMO grains. Pigs digestive systems are almost identical to that of humans which makes this study even more compelling.

To learn more than you think you may know about genetic engineering and chemical-based farming, listen to our interview below:

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  1. doesn’t he need to testify in Congress about that? RoundUp seems to be prospering just like DDT before Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring”.

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