Imported Seafood–A Risky Choice. Where is the FDA?

 The next time you go to purchase some tilapia or shrimp or eat seafood at a restaurant, you might want to consider where it came from. Nearly all the seafood in the United States is imported from countries like Vietnam and China. So what’s the problem? It’s imported into this country so it must be safe, right? Surely the FDA inspects it before it is sold to consumers? The truth is that less than 2% of all seafood entering this country is inspected by the FDA and sadly only about .01 percent of seafood products are tested for drug traces. Tom Philpott, food and ag blogger for Mother Jones, sheds light on this dirty business and shares what choices you as a consumer can make to minimize the risk of eating seafood. To learn more, click on the podcast link below:


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  1. I already knew this and love seafood, but don’t eat it unless I know exactly where it comes from and even then, eat a reduced portion as it is all polluted now, no matter where it comes from, even Florida.

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