Inside Grant Family Farms Plus a Warning on Farmer’s Markets – E68

Grant Family Farms

Grant Family Farms is a 2200 acre organic farm located in Wellington, Colorado. Our guest, Rachel Reiter – their Northern Colorado Rep, gives us an insider’s view into organic farming, what they grow and how they sell it. She shares a new strategy between farmers and consumers called Community Supported Agriculture that creates a direct link between the production and consumption of foods.

Rachel also fills in the knowledge gap that most of us have between food grown on the farm and food on the shelves of grocery stores. How does the produce get from one to the other and how long does it take? The process is eye-opening and the timing involved can significantly affect the nutritional value of the food. In the case of traditionally grown produce, it can involve being treated with hormones and artificial chemicals as well.

We also discuss how some produce that may have been grown out of state or even across the country and was destined for a grocery store, may end up at local farmer’s markets being sold as locally grown and even labeled as organic. Learn tips that everyone who shops at farmer’s markets should know before they buy!


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