Invest in Your Health, Not Stuff

This time of year we are inundated by companies that want to sell us stuff, much of it we don’t really need. Think about how many times in our lives that we have felt we had to have something. How long after buying something did we either feel buyer’s remorse or the product did not really enhance our life much. I know I have. What happens when you invest in your health, not stuff? What happens when you create or enhance your health and well being and choose health span vs. life span? I have never heard anyone say that they were sorry that they decided to get healthy. The return is so great! If you have ever spoken with someone who is really sick, they are not wanting more stuff, they want to feel good and to enjoy their life and family again. They want quality of life!

This may all sound a little dramatic, but is it? We live in a world full of toxins and toxic energy and we are at the point that we cannot just sit back and do nothing. We cannot eat whatever we want, drink whatever we want, be sedentary, have the same toxic relations we have had for years , be angry at our parents because they weren’t perfect, etc., and expect to have a joyful life. Something has to change. What is it for you?

The universe rewards action! By this I mean, that when we as individuals start taking responsibility for everything in our life, which definitely includes what we allow in our body, mind and emotions, things can really change! Change is never easy and can be uncomfortable–for awhile anyway! Until, we make our comfort zone one where we expect joy on a regular basis. It is possible but it involves you taking action. Being fit and healthy just feels good! Why would we choose anything less? We know we can come up with many reasons and excuses.

So this time of year is an excellent time to invest in your health, not stuff. Assistance is always available to us! I have been bringing you so much information over the past 14+ years, through articles and interviews– so use Food Integrity Now for free as a resource to increase you quality of life. Just start going through the blog! You will learn something new that could enhance your quality of life.

I have been assisting individuals as well during this time and if you need assistance, I am here. I am invested in helping you invest in your health. It is my life purpose. Yes, I sell some products through Food Integrity Now’s health store, but they are all products to enhance your health! I do not have any sponsors for Food Integrity Now. However, the affiliates I have assists with some of the costs of having this website. You can check that out here. Or, if you have found value by my work, you can assist here. It is always your choice. Bottom line, I want to help you!

So this time of year, think about where you want to invest your time and money. If you choose you, you will never regret it. Happiness and wellness feel too good to regret. Thanks for being here and remember to invest in your health, not stuff! Have a happy, healthy and joy-filled holiday season. I am here if you need help remembering how very powerful you are! Love, Carol


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