Is ‘Pink Slime’ In Your Beef? Who Does the FDA & USDA Really Protect?

 “Pink Slime” is the industry name for a product that comes from scraps of meat, often filled with pathogens, that previously was only used for dog food. Then a clever company came up with a great idea to take these meat by-products, render off the fat and then use ammonia gas (Yep, I said ammonia!) to kill off the bacteria and pathogens. It is then sent to meat packing companies AND your local grocery stores to be added to ground beef. It is used as a “filler” which means they can use less actual beef to make a pound of ground beef and make more profit. Even when the package says 100% fresh ground beef it could be up to 70% “Pink Slime”!

Our guest, Amanda Hitt, attorney and Director for Food Integrity Campaign, a division of Government Accountability Project, represented the man who was fired when he blew the whistle on the company that created “pink slime”. This issue came to full public light recently when ABC aired an investigative report on World News with Diane Sawyer. The public outcry was so loud that many grocery stores have responded by refusing to use it. But, as you will hear that is only part of the problem. Listen and learn the other ways “pink slime” meat can end up on your table! Learn how fast food chains like McDonalds, Taco Bell and Wendy’s, have been using it for years!  Learn how it is being fed to our children as part of the school lunch program and what can be done about it!

We also discuss the FDA and the USDA; what is the difference, who do they protect and what are their separate and sometimes conflicting agendas?  You may be surprised to learn that the consumer is NOT the primary focus of both of them!


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