John Kempf: Changing the Way we Grow Food

 How nutritious is our food? What does the nutrition of the plant have to do with having a healthy immune system? The use of herbicides like RoundUp (Glyphosate) has increased to over 500 Million pounds per year. How has this changed the quality of our food? If the plants that we are growing are nutritionally deplete, what is that doing to our immune system? John Kemp, farmer, agronomist, scientist and founder of Advanced Eco Agriculture (“AEA”) has many of these answers? This young farmer has studied the soil and the nutrition of plants and has found that the most important two components in creating nutrient dense foods are to focus on the soil’s microbiology and mineral nutrition.

 Kempf spoke with us today and explained how we need to be thinking of our soil as the plant’s digestive system. He expanded upon how the digestive system of a plant is very similar to our own digestive system.  How healthy is the soil that most of our food is grown in that is in our mainstream grocery stores? How depleted is that soil from the heavy use of chemicals and genetically modified seeds that are grown in a lab that are engineered to withstand huge doses of these chemicals? Kempf’s approach to growing food makes sense and his methods make sense! The microbiome of our gut is like the soil of a plant. If our gut is healthy, we are healthy. If a plant’s soil is healthy, the plant is healthy.

“Farmers are the foundation of the ultimate healthcare system. Preventing people from becoming ill is something our current medical system cannot do!” ~John Kempf

He shared how mainstream agronomists mainly focus on yield. Kempf has taken a fundamentally different approach by seeking to balance a plant’s health. When you improve the plant’s health, it automatically creates higher yields.  He emphasized the need to enhance the soil’s biology and nutrition to create the most nutrient dense foods available. Kempf and his company, AEA, offer sound advise on how to achieve these goals through a variety of methods.

 Kempf also shared practical information for home gardeners to assist in creating the most nutrient dense foods using these methods. His focus on soil nutrition may just be the answer to counteract the use of chemicals and genetically engineered foods that are so prevalent in this country.

Earlier this year, Kempf was invited to be on a panel speaking to the United Nations about genetically engineered crops (“GMOs). Two of those questions that the six-member panel discussed were: Have GMOs increased yields? and; Have GMOs reduced the use of pesticides?  No one on that panel believed GMOs were a viable solution for sustainable agriculture in the future. They further concluded that GMO crops had not reduced the use of pesticides and in fact had contributed to a large degree in the increase in total pesticide use.

This interview with John Kempf may just change the way you look at your food and if you are a farmer or a home gardener, it will definitely shed some light on how to create the most high-quality, nutrient-dense food available! This is a must listen to show. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to learn more from John Kempf:

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  1. Hallo friends and family

    Yes, yes, yes and PLEASEEEE! We have to protect the next generations of farmers. The chase for super profits must stop. Everybody has a moral right to eat healthy affordable food. Train and educate the nations. It begins with the family and at home.

    Back to basics for all of us. Thanks to all you great folks that are already working around the clock to ensure good crops and a healthy chemical free global population.

    Suggestion: use the money in the banks and vaults to keep human beings out of the grave.

    Have a happy day and put a smile on a hungry person’s face today.

  2. Even growing organically we could produce enough food worldwide.
    The problem is household and Supermarket waste
    The amount of food just thrown away each day is unbelievable. In the UK alone it’s many tons.

  3. Calcium is the most practical answer. Reams taught us that with 2000 lbs of calcium per acre we could eliminate weed, insect and disease problems. Albrecht gave us information about base saturation in the soil and that calcium should be 70% of our total cations. With my garden I plant non-GMO’s and have a great pest and pesticide free garden for the last 4 years. As a matter of fact I use liquid calcium to kill insects. Non toxic insecticides – what’s that worth – priceless. The consumer is the only one that will stop the pesticides.

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