Johnson Wins in Johnson v Monsanto

 We are so happy to announce that the verdict was just read in the Johnson v. Monsanto case. After an 8 week trial, the jury returned the verdict and Johnson WON!

 Plaintiff DeWayne Lee Johnson sued Monsanto for damages and negligence for failing to properly warn about its weedkiller RoundUp and Ranger Pro, both of which contain the active ingredient, glyphosate! Johnson was a groundskeeper at Benicia Unified School District in California and regularly sprayed Roundup. He got terminal cancer, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, after being repeatedly exposed to this toxic chemical, Roundup. The plaintiffs side proved that Monsanto failed to warn, was negligent and knew their product causes cancer. The jury awarded Johnson $289 Million in damages, $250 Million in punitive damages and almost $40 Million in compensatory damages. Please say a prayer and send Johnson and his family some love, as his battle is not over with this deadly disease. The attorneys for the plaintiff, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., did an amazing job! This is a huge win for all of us too.

Food Integrity Now will continue to keep you informed about this toxic chemical as we work to get glyphosate banned.  But for now, celebrate this huge victory for Johnson and the people!


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