Kamut Ancient Grain: It Might Be Right for You?

We live in a world where many have wheat and gluten intolerances. Only a very small percentage of the population has Celiac disease but many more have wheat and gluten sensitivities. What has changed? Is it the wheat? Is it the glyphosate sprayed on the wheat that is used as a drying agent? Kamut Ancient Grain, it might be right for you.

Food Integrity Now spoke with Bob Quinn of Kamut International who is one of the authors of Grain by Grain, A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs and Healthy Food. Quinn, an organic farmer, plant biochemist, and healthy food advocate shares a compelling story about farming and the lessons he has learned as a plant biochemist, a farmer, and a businessman. He talks about how he was introduced to an ancient heirloom grain, which he named Kamut. He later discovered this ancient grain originated in Mesopotamia and is khorasan wheat. He trademarked Kamut to keep its purity and to make sure it is always grown organic. Kamut does have gluten but it is very different than the modern wheat grown today. Could it be the answer to gluten sensitivity? One thing is for sure, that discovering Kamut changed Quinn’s life!

Leslie Goldman, Jere Gettle, Carol Grieve’ and Bob Quinn at National Heirloom Expo

Quinn has also contracted many peer-reviewed studies on this ancient heirloom grain, 31 one of them so far. He shares several of those results with us which you might find very surprising. His book is a journey of discovery and it might just might be an answer to gluten sensitivity as well as improving health.

This farmer is an advocate for organic regenerative farming and shares how organic agriculture can bring back rural jobs. Quinn talks about how organic time-tested farming practices can replace toxic pesticides and fertilizers which are ruining the health of so many.

In reading Grain by Grain, it’s evident early on that this is as much of a story about how to create a high-integrity, win-win business model as it about the story behind discovering Kamut.

Click on the link below to hear this interesting and compelling interview.

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