Learning to Feel, A Powerful Tool to Thrive!

In this Learning to Feel episode, Rosie and I explore feelings— not just emotional type feelings, but feelings as in sensing into vibrations within ourselves in relation to food, and well, everything. Everything is energy and learning to tap into the higher vibration of our surroundings can be a powerful tool to thrive! Let’s explore this further.

What would it be like if you could feel what food works best with your body? Or, what if you could feel if there were harmful pesticides or chemicals in your food that certainly are not in alignment with thriving. How powerful would that be? Learning to feel our food is something that is achievable with some practice and we discuss a process that you can develop to be able to do this. Wouldn’t that be an amazing tool to create greater health and wellbeing?

To empower ourselves to thrive we can choose to become more conscious of sensations of all kinds. We have become somewhat of a mental society and are bombarded with information about how we “should” think about things through social media, advertisements, and television. This social conditioning is not serving us—hence the importance of learning to feel.

Since we know our brains have been programmed since birth by our parents and family, teachers, religious upbringing, our society and more, learning to feel what is true seems very important to know our authentic self in order to thrive.

Learning to Feel

We are always having sensations including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and vibrational energy, are occurring always, everywhere. However, over time, many of us have trained ourselves to tune these sensations out. Why is that? Because sometimes these sensations can feel uncomfortable, or they can be telling us something we don’t want to know about, or that may create conflict with our belief system or with what we think we should feel.

One of our greatest powers is choice. We are choosing to choose what we choose always and everywhere. The more aware we are of these choosing moments, we can empower ourselves to choose according to our highest vibrational self.

Old way or new way choice

In order to make these wise choices, it is essential to learn to feel. Learning to feel into what is, whether it is in relation to our food, our bodies, or the longing in our hearts, will allow us to know ourselves better. It also allows us to grow trust in ourselves in those choices and can increase the quality of our life—to thrive like a guru. 

Listen below to hear our discussion about learning to feel. We would love you to leave us a comment below after you listen. Thank you!

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