Matt Powers: How to Create a Garden That Flourishes

I spoke with Matt Powers this week who is one of the most passionate gardeners and experts on permaculture, backyard gardening, greenhouse gardening and soil. Matt shared with us how to create a garden that flourishes and is nutrient dense in almost any soil–and it’s not difficult. Whether you are doing backyard gardening, greenhouse gardening or farming on a larger scale, this is the show for you!

Matt Powers – The Permaculture Student

Matt started learning how to garden after his wife got cancer years ago and his passion for gardening has flourished. Matt is an author, educator, seed saver, gardener, and entrepreneur focused on radically transforming the entire K-12 education system through the collegiate system, such that it aligns with regenerative science, natural principles, and permaculture ethics. This is his motto:

Earth Care, People Care, & Future Care


He shared with us how to start or care for a home garden or greenhouse and offered some fantastic tips on composting and creating a rich soil that if nurtured will get better every year. His tips were practical and we think you will learn something new, even if you have been gardening for years.

The Permaculture Student Ebook

He also offered information on his free ebooks on his website which can assist any gardener from the beginner to the more advanced.

Listen to the show by clicking on the link and let your garden flourish! His passion and care for the earth is amazing!

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  1. Matt’s material really helped to take my garden productivity and regenerative efforts to the next level. Permaculture offers us the chance to see Mother Earth as a wise teacher and ‘take her hand’ to co-create a future worth giving to those who call this place home after we are gone.

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