Moms Take on the EPA–Demand Glyphosate Recall

 Moms Across America have an important message to tell the EPA and it was delivered to them on Tuesday! Their message: Glyphosate (RoundUp), a powerful herbicide, antibiotic and mineral chelator, must be recalled immediately because of its risk to human health.

Last Tuesday, Moms Across America and a few other representatives of organizations including, Organic Consumers Association, Consumers Union, Thinking Moms Revolution, The National Resources Defense Council, Truth in Labeling Coalition and Beyond Pesticides were granted a meeting with the EPA Glyphosate Review Board.  Glyphosate (RoundUp) is up for review by the EPA this year which only happens every 15 years.

 Earlier this year, Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse got a report funded where scientist evaluated the breast milk from 10 mothers and found extremely high levels of Glyphosate in their breast milk. This report was sent to the EPA with no response.  Due to the EPA’s lack of response, Moms Across American took action and conducted a five-day call in campaign to the EPA demanding that Glyphosate be recalled. The EPA agreed to meet with this group only after they were inundated with over 10,000 calls from concerned moms and others about the dangers of Glyphosate.

Zen Honeycutt, Founder of Moms Across America, a grassroots organization to raise awareness and support moms with solutions to eat GMO free, was one of the leaders of this group and spoke with us today about that meeting. She shared some of information that was presented to the EPA and the groups’ demands for immediate action by the EPA to recall Glyphosate.  Honeycutt presented the evidence in a concise and professional manner and would not back down when the EPA responded with their list of policies, procedures and protecal. One of the talking points she passionately expressed is that Glyphosate was found to be bioaccumulative, as was evidenced in its presence in human breast milk,  and demanded that it be fully recalled until further testing could take place as to its risk to human health. The studies and testimonials were presented to the EPA for further evaluation. The EPA’s response was unsatisfactory at best. One thing you can count on is that this group is not going away and will continue to demand further testing of Glyphosate. The EPA has definitely been put on notice!

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  1. Keep up the fight against GMO foods! Our health is greatly At stake!! We must stop Monsanto & other corporations like them!!!

  2. Get rid of GMOs; you get rid of a good portion of glyphosate. Get rid of glyphosate; you get rid of GMOs raison d’existence. Problem is that manufacturers are coming out with their own brands and chemical workarounds that may be just as bad or worse. What we need to do is ban any chemicals that have not been properly tested over a 10-year period. That would screen out the indiscriminate sprays that have only been tested for short-term studies in order to avoid longer-termed studies that would pick up the chronic illnesses associated with these toxins.

  3. Did either side set a time or deadline for the EPA to provide the MAA group with the requirements the testing facilities must meet before their blood or breast milk analysis will be recognized? The portion of the hearing that struck me the most was the EPA confirming that even if they asked Monsanto to conduct further research, they wouldn’t have to comply. To me, that sounds like a clear indication that their hands are tied, so to say… especially in conjunction with everything else they acknowledged about how irresponsible the approval process is concerning ‘risk’ in a the world’s biggest seed and drug industry. I would suggest that if you’re going to wait until they submit their official requirements before you submit another round of test beforehand,,, give some thought to including the CDC in list of sample recipients. It seems like it would be worse for them overall if the CDC ignored testing samples that would confirm some extreme glyphosate exposure levels in this nation as well. Does the CDC do testing? I would tag their ass along for the ride if you really want to get the right people’s attention.

    1. We have asked them for the requirements by June 13. They have not confirmed they will do this. We will be testing no matter what. Our scientists are confident in the method, that it will be accepted by the scientific community around the world. The fact is they have the ability to choose which studies they will accept or deny in their review, we can only do the best we can on our side. If they were considering all valid test they wold have banned glyphosate years ago. in 2004 a study from Netherlands showed that glyphosate remains in the soil for 22 years. This is not what Monsanto claimed. Good idea to go for CDC too. And AAP. They have stated that pesticides should be avoided.

  4. Here on Kauai it will take decades or longer to bring the soil back to a healthy growing medium….saddest part is I’m not sure my adult children get the severity of this!

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