Moms and Others tell EPA Don’t renew Glyphosate

Zen Honeycutt, Founder and Director of Moms Across America, three scientists, including Dr. Zach Bush; a lab scientist; and a former chemical industry scientist whose health was greatly improved after going organic, Glyphosate Girl (Kelly Ryerson), and a few others, met with the EPA on Friday, August 23, 2019. At the EPA Meeting the moms and others tell EPA don’t renew Glyphosate. They presented the EPA with a lot of information and many peer-reviewed studies as to why they should not renew glyphosate. Honeycutt felt that the meeting was very positive. But, we still need everyone’s help!

Zen Honeycutt and others at EPA Meeting

Food Integrity Now spoke with Zen Honeycutt about the meeting at the EPA. She summarized what happened during that meeting and what WE need to do to get the EPA to understand the importance of revoting the license for glyphosate, which clearly is a threat to humanity and the environment.

We have until September 3 to comment to the EPA about why they should revoke the license for glyphosate. Please take action today as your voice matters and it might be the only way! Here is a link to comment: Tell EPA No!

Also, if you need to include a study, go to Moms Across America’s data page and include a study. Make your comment as personal as possible.

We apologize in advance as we had some feedback issues during the recording of this interview but feel like the information is so important and timely that we’re going with it.

Please take action here! Your voice matters! Thank you!

Carol Grieve’ interviews Zen Honeycutt about EPA Meeting

Zen also talked about the new Gold Standard rating system that Moms Across America is creating for companies that are creating clean and healthy food. You can find out more about it here.

Thanks for listening and sharing this important information!!

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