Moms attend Monsanto Shareholders Meeting

 There were lies and more lies from one of the biggest bully corporations of today, Monsanto. Today was Monsanto’s Annual Shareholders’Meeting in St. Louis. Zen Honeycut and Anne Temple from Moms Across America had an opportunity, through proxies, to attend that meeting and to speak up on the behalf of all of us who know the truth about Monsanto’s products and technology! Two of the subjects discussed were Glyphosate (RoundUp) and Dicamba. Both of these products are widely used in this country and are presenting a huge health threat to many.

Not everyone could have the decorum to face someone like Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s CEO, to tell him about the harm Monsanto is causing to human health and our environment. Grant out-and-out lied about the fact that Glyphosate has been scientifically found in breast milk and vaccines. Although being at this meeting was frustrating for Honeycutt and Temple, they kept on point and presented the information in the time they were allowed. Bottomline, those shareholders heard what Honeycutt and Temple had to say! Will some of those shareholders rethink this flawed technology? Perhaps! To review the studies Honeycutt spoke about today and more studies and testimonials from moms who switched to organic, visit Moms Across America.

Listen below to this short interview and please take action!


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