Not Thriving? Let’s Discuss Forgiveness, Judgment and Doubt

In our most recent chat, Rosie and I discuss forgiveness, judgment and doubt. If you are not thriving, could your block be related to forgiveness, judgment, or doubt? These energies of being unforgiving, judgmental (of ourself or others), and doubt can get in the way of having a joyful life and thriving like a guru. Let’s dig in and find out why and what you can do about it.

In our chat, we talk about how being unforgiving affects our quality of life. We discuss the how and why of forgiveness and offer tools that we have used on ourselves and our clients that may assist you in this process. Often we may feel like we are more vulnerable if we forgive. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you are saying it was okay with whatever someone did to you or others. Forgiveness is for you! What we mean by this is that you forgive for you and the others involved are responsible for their choices. You are not responsible for anyone else’s choice nor can you change anyone. True forgiveness is about forgiving the human being that is/was wounded. It does require action, and it doesn’t matter if the person(s) are still in the physical or have passed on. It is never too late!

We are not saying this process of forgiveness is easy, but if you are sincere in wanting to forgive, you can do this and it can be extremely freeing. We know that giving our power away to anyone for any reason doesn’t help us create a thriving reality or a joy-filled life! If you are holding on to being unforgiving toward someone, you are giving away your power. We all have so much personal power to create the life we want, but holding on to anger, resentment, or blame, doesn’t fit into that “thriving like a guru” mentality. It is all about choice.

We also talk about how doubt and judgment are interrelated and share some of our own experiences in regard to these two energies. We know that awareness is the first step to healing or letting go–but that is just the first step–it is a process. Judgment is pervasive and most of us learned it as a child. But, anything we learned we can unlearn! Yes, we can because we are the ones with the most power to change anything in our life!


We love having these discussions and get really excited about the possibility of our talks assisting others. I know our chats have assisted me personally, and I am sure that Rosie feels the same. Have a listen below and if you are so inclined, leave us a comment. Our intention in doing this podcast series is to assist you to have a more joyful life. If you like listening to our chats, please join us here. You can also subsribe to Beyond Food Integrity podcasts on Apple Itunes, Spotify, and Podbean. Thanks for being here.

Also, remember, If you need assistance, we are here. We were never meant to heal alone. You can reach me at or Rosie at Also, check out Food Integrity Now’s health store for some of your nutritional and health needs. Thank you!


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