Nutrition Support Group – Creating Ultimate Wellness

I am excited you are here! I am offering a nutrition support group with coaching via Zoom two times a month. We live in a world where having a healthy gut and brain is essential for a great quality of life–and for most it can be achieved through diet and lifestyle.

The science of nutrition is changing rapidly and I study it almost daily. In our group, we will share what’s working and what is not. I will offer solutions and suggestions and we can learn much from each other. Are you the CEO of your body? If not, you can be!

Some of the topics I propose we discuss in the nutrition support group are listed here but I am sure there are more! What do you want to learn? Are you ready for your future, are you prepared? Now is the time to create wonderful health and a joyful future. We can do this! Join us! These very affordable classes begin on Wednesday, June 1 at 5:30pm PT. Ready now? Sign up below and you will receive a Zoom link via email or learn more here:

The group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month!


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