Occupy with Ed Fallon, a Recovering Politician – E61

 Ed Fallon calls himself a recovering politician. From 1993 to 2006, Fallon served seven terms in the Iowa Legislature, representing residents of downtown Des Moines, the surrounding neighborhoods and the City’s northeast side. In 2006 Fallon ran for governor of Iowa. Fallon is the host of a talk radio show called The Fallon Forum. He is currently actively involved in the Occupy Des Moines movement and was arrested along with 35 others last month. Fallon gives a different prospective on the stereotypical occupier that the media portrays.  His message is one of hope and commitment to a movement that many would like to believe is doomed to fail. He invites people to come to Des Moines in December to the Caucuses  to  make their voice’s heard. Fallon’s passion for justice inspires him, and his life is committed to working for reform, both within and outside the political process.

Note: This show was cut short at 30 minutes. We are working on fixing this.


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