Pamm Larry: Initiator of Prop 37, Makes a Call to Action on I-522 and the TPP

 Pamm Larry, the initiator of Proposition 37 in California, takes her inspiration, knowledge and expertise to Washington to help with Initiative 522. She spoke with Food Integrity Now today about I-522 (mandatory labeling of GMOs in Washington by 2015) and the Yes on 522 campaign. This Initiative comes up for vote in Washington on November 5, 2013. The vote is through a mail-in ballot process and the ballots will be mailed out to voters by mid October. She stressed the need for volunteers across the country to assist with the phone banks and to contribute to the labeling campaign. Pamm further discussed the importance and urgency of understanding and taking action to stop TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). She explained how the TPP could affect labeling, food safety, internet freedom and other important issues that will affect all of us.

Click on the link below and take a few minutes to listen to her message and learn how you can get involved with this important campaign. We need everyone’s help.

Show Notes:

Yes on 522
Pamm Larry Website
Email Pamm:
Expose the TPP
Flush the TPP
Food Democracy Now
Organic Consumers Association
Institute For Responsible Technology
Center For Food Safety
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

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