Parasites and Detoxing with Dr. Linda

I spoke with Dr. Linda Lancaster, Naturopathic and Homeopathic Physician about her book, Harmonic Healing. During our chat, Dr. Linda talked about how parasites can be the underlying cause of many dis-eases in the body. She explained how nothing in health is ever purely physical. If we have attracted parasites into our body, there is a reason. Could it be radiation, heavy metals, chemicals, GMOs, negative relationships, negative self talk? The five types of parasites she discussed are connected to the five elements. Those elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. As an example, microscopic parasites are connected to the air element. They are imperceptible to the eye, like air; amoebas affect the digestive power and spirochetes can affect our nervous system while releasing bacteria in the blood and the joints-the area where air accumulates in the body. She talked about how if our cells are weak then it is an opportunity for parasites and pathogens to come in.

Dr. Linda’s book, Harmonic Healing, Restore your Vital Force for Lifelong Healing goes into much detail about parasites, their nature, how we attract them and how to eradicate them with a powerful milk cleanse. She also offers a six-week program for detoxifying the liver, information on the importance of eating a well-balanced organic diet, breathing exercises, detox baths, and more.

In our interview, she offered an explanation of some of the principles of Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy. We talked about the milk cleanse to eradicate parasites and I shared how well it worked for me. She explained how cleansing the body of opportunistic parasites is where she starts with most of her clients. Her book also contains many nourishing recipes to assist in healing and stresses the importance of eating an organic diet that contains vital force energy.

Harmonic Healing is a wonderful book with many tools to assist in healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It’s all connected! Listen to this compelling interview below and then get the book!

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  1. I found this show very informative! I have been working on eliminating parasites and find that I feel so much better in a number of ways. I have been dealing with skin issues for several years and felt that a parasite cleanse would be beneficial. I feel I received the confirmation from listening to this show that I needed. I definitely will purchase Dr. Lancaster’s book! Thanks so much for this very interesting and informative interview!

  2. I really appreciated this interview with Dr. Lancaster! I found the interview to be very informative and interesting. I have had skin problems for the last several years and felt drawn to doing a parasite cleanse, which after listening feel I received conformation that I was on the right track. I definitely feel better in many ways. I will definitely purchase Dr. Lancaster’s book! Thank you for this interesting interview!

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