Poison For Dinner

 GMOs ARE POISON. People and animals that eat genetically modified food crops are consuming high levels of the toxic glyphosate herbicide.

If you’re not familiar with GMOs, this is a process by which genes are taken from one plant or animal and forced artificially into the DNA of another plant or animal. It’s usually done to increase their resistance to herbicides and pesticides, which allows more of these toxins to be sprayed without killing crops.
The problem is that many of these manmade alterations to the biology of our food can also have extremely toxic effects on our body.


It’s not always easy to check the backstory of everything you’re eating, but what if the food you’re putting into your mouth isn’t real? Or even worse – laden with toxins that undermine your body on a cellular level.


It’s time for us as a people to inform ourselves and take a stand.


Please put August 22nd through August 31st on your calendar, and join me in watching their FREE 9-day screening event, GMOs Revealed. We can’t afford to be uninformed on this important topic any longer.



In this powerful 9-part documentary, GMOs Revealed will:
• Uncover the disturbing marriage of toxic weed killer and modified seeds.
• Delve deep into the ways that genetically modified foods (and the toxic chemicals they are made to resist) are wreaking havoc on our bodies and the environment.
• Help you discover how genetically modified food might be affecting your health.
• Teach you about the history of GMOs.
• Expose the corruption and vicious cycle behind billion-dollar companies who have been lying to the public.


What can you do in the meantime?
1. Read labels.
2. Eliminate or reduce processed foods.
3. Buy organic, or locally grown GMO-free foods.
It’s up to us to become educated about what GMOs are doing to our bodies and the environment. Real change happens only when people like you and me join together to raise awareness and demand accountability.


If you would like to donate to assist Food Integrity Now to be able to keep you informed with important information like this and interviews with some of the leading experts about what is happening in our food supply that affects your health, click here to donate.  We are funded by YOUR donations. We appreciate your support!



  1. Hello Mrs. Grieve,
    My name is Justice, I am a 16 year old girl in the 11th grade and was just recently approached by a lady who new about harmful chemicals in our food now-a-days. As she explained and explained how important it was to stand up for what is right, my mind began to take a tole. I thought to myself, How come no one has every told me about this? My mother is almost of age and she even is trying her hardest to lose the weight they she gained from these foods. I’ve talked to family members about the situation and we’ve decided to go organic. I would like to speak upon this subject to my fellow peers of my school. Is there anyway you can help?
    Justice Carter

    1. Judith, the interview is this week. The show should be out on Wednesday or Thursday. If you go to the main page of foodintegritynow.org and Join Us, you will get an email with the show when it is ready. We will never spam you and only send out an email when we have a new show. Thanks. Carol

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