Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and The EPA

 E.G. Vallianatos worked for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 25 years and saw things from the inside. What he learned about this agency, whose mission is “to protect human health and the environment,” is unconscionable. E.G. spoke with me this week and shared the factual information on the depth of corruption that stems from the agency that is primarily controlled by the chemical industry and its political adversaries.

 Poison Spring, documents, in devastating detail, the corruption and misuse of science and public trust that has turned the EPA from a watchdog into a “polluters’ protection agency.” I spoke with E.G. about his book and he shared some of his experience with the EPA as well as testimony of colleagues and hundreds of documents he collected inside the agency. He talked about how the chemical industry conducts its own studies likened to a “cut and paste” review and how the EPA questions little about those studies. He shared how whistleblowers were demoted and ridiculed for not being team players.

E.G. explained how the chemical industry was able to get some of its toxic pesticides approved:

“When you allow chemical companies to do its own testing you are in trouble. But it is well thought out by the industry. They said, how can we take chemicals that are related to chemical warfare and allow them in our agriculture? We have to create an agency that allows the appearance of safety.”

 This well-written book is a must read for all Americans. Poison Springs, is a tragic and deeply troubling insiders’ account of the EPA. E.G. is hopeful that many Americans will read this book so that they will know what is happening and also so they know the right questions to ask.

We need to demand that this agency, which E.G. explained he still feels is necessary, to change. This change needs to happen before these toxic chemicals destroy the environment and human health.

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